Accounting and Taxing Services

Outsourced accounting
Unique, personalized accounting in our office
Online Accounting
The most cost-effective form of accountancy
On-site accounting – in your own office
We provide bookkeeping in your office based on personalized needs.
Tax Consultancy
Ask professionals advice in person or online and optimize your costs
Pay optimal wages, benefits to your employees to increase their satisfaction.
Online billing
Forget about the rumpled account blocks. Get to know the convenience of modern billing.
Get a line on your company at anywhere, anytime
Online timesheet administration
Forget about the daily administration connected to attendance registers.
Mobile applications
Free useful mobile applications for you (iOS, Android)

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EU-TAX | Company Introduction

EU-TAX | Company Introduction

It’s important for EU-TAX that our clients get wide range of services, which measure up to our era’s technological development.
Nowadays an accountancy office do not only the accounting, but also…

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EU-TAX Ltd. is open for clients with accountancy tasks and services connected to taxing since 1998 from all over the country. At our company accountancy is more than fixing the warranties, making the tax declaration and handing in the laws data retrieval. We constantly inform our clients about the advantages concerning the company’s tax laws.

From the beginning, we try to serve our clients with complex customer centric information which is a real help to their company. Our aim is to support the executive directors’ short and long term decisions.

Most of the entrepreneurs can’t afford to employ a full-time consultant; therefore in our office they can get this service from their accountant. We are opened for responding to individual needs and requests, we accommodate to our clients’ special needs.

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lf the answer Yes, You are at the right place!

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Free innovative services to our clients

Our clients and enterprises can use two of our innovative services for free: the EU-TAX online billing system and our office’s e-account service. You can find more information about the requisition of free services in our website or in person at the office.

Online billing system
  • unlimited issued bills
  • clear-out, easy interface
  • continous adapt to laws
  • up-to-date system
  • online billing availability from anywhere
  • cost-effective way of billing
  • ensure backup copy
  • using without install
Online e-account service
  • continously is at service
  • making statements, reports
  • follow up owing VAT
  • availability of payroll datas and obligations
  • possibility for new contact online
  • availability from anywhere, using without install


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